HTML Beautifier - HTML Beautifier is an online tool that allows users to tidy up and optimize their HTML code quickly and easily. This tool is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface so that users can quickly tidy up their HTML code without worrying about indentation, special characters, or other errors in the HTML structure.

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Main Features:

  1. Indentation Options: Users can choose between indentation styles using spaces or tabs according to their preference.
  2. Convert Special Characters: This tool also provides options to convert special characters such as ampersand (&), apostrophe ('), quotation mark ("), less-than sign (<), and greater-than sign (>) to HTML entities. This helps in avoiding issues with special characters affecting the HTML code structure.
  3. Neat Result Display: After the user clicks the "Format Code" button, the formatted HTML code result will be displayed neatly in a special text area. The formatted HTML code will have consistent indentation, special characters converted to HTML entities, and well-arranged spaces between HTML tags.

This tool is extremely useful for web developers, programmers, or anyone dealing with HTML code. By using this tool, they can quickly format their HTML code to look more organized and well-structured. Additionally, the feature to convert special characters also helps in avoiding potential issues caused by invalid special characters in HTML code.

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